Testimonials from our community of apprentices, students & peers

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Mr. Endres has offered unique advanced hands-on Apprenticeship and teaching that is unparalleled.  He shares his extensive 50+ years of experience in the Mountain Forests and the Piedmont open hills and woods in our region.  I am a PA with a Masters in Acupuncture and have been in full-time practice of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine with an on-site herbal pharmacy in Durham for 23 years.  He was my teacher of herbal medicine and is considered a regional treasure. His local professional reputation has had him sought after to teach students and medical professionals at Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Central Carolina Community College in addition to his own apprenticeships and classes.  He has been a passionate teacher, herbalist, and environmentalist for decades, dedicating his life to promote the health and well being of humans everywhere. He has created a community around herbal teaching, understanding and appreciating the interconnections of all life in the woods and forests around our region which ultimately enrich the people and protect the land for generations to come.

- Lori Fendell, Lic. Acupuncturist

Will and I co-taught a session called Incredible Edibles for many summers at Learning Outside, and it was a pleasure to work with him and to see him engage with the youngsters.  I knew Will as a patient and endlessly knowledgeable naturalist and, through co-teaching, I also experienced his great sense of humor, his joy, and his playfulness. I also experienced the tireless passion for the outdoors that he so easily models for others.

For fun, the kids and I would try to stump will on the names of certain plants and not only did Will know the plant’s identification, but he had stories about them, recipes for cooking them, even tunes to help us remember their names.  As I think about my experiences co-teaching with Will, I see an image of him kneeling down to investigate something on the ground in an enormous field, surrounded by children who are completely engaged with their surroundings, looking so closely at the plants that their noses are almost touching the ground. And, Will, their passionate teacher, is laughing and asking questions and calling out information about the plants, and showing them by example what it means to be in nature.

- Tori Ralston

Mr. Endres has spent many years studying and employing the knowledge and techniques in his repertoire.  From giving lessons through his organization, Will’s Wild Herbs, to working with naturalists and Native American herbalists and medicinal specialists.  His leadership during our outing was to key to its success, and every participant came away with new knowledge and skills to use in the future...It was a pleasure working and learning from him.

- Emily Mendenhall, Coordinator, Duke Office of Sustainability and Duke Campus Farm


Will Endres is committed to his craft, his students, and the conservation of plant habitats.  Integrity and respect are key elements of his teaching style... A testament to the inspiration and encouragement of aspiring herbalists provided by Mr. Endres are the number of his students who continue their interest and training in the field.


- Robin Kohanawich, Coordinator, Sustainable Agriculture at CCCC


Will Endres, herbalist, and wildcrafter, has been invited on numerous occasions to give presentations in our “Principles and Practices of Complementary and Alternative Medicine course as well as for other education programs offered by the program on Integrative Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, in the UNC School of Medicine.  I have found him to be extremely Knowledgeable and engaging and an excellent CAM resource for our classes of upcoming physicians and other health professionals. His knowledge of the local vegetation and healing properties of our great natural resources is very much appreciated.

- Susan Gaylord, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Director UNC Program on Integrative Medicine

As Program Coordinator for the University of North Carolina’s Program on Integrative Medicine, I had the pleasure of learning about herbs and wildcrafting from presentations given by Will Endres.  These presentations were in various forms from herbal walks around urban buildings and the countryside to lectures and workshops. Will always provides unique information often not found in a textbook.  His knowledge is invaluable.

- Becky Coble, Coordinator, Program on Integrative Medicine, UNC School of Medicine


I have referred a number of people to [Will] with the confidence that he would consult with them as professionally as he has done with me,  Have the utmost respect for Will, with regard both to his knowledge as an herbalist and his strong conservation ethic.


- Wendy E. Wenck, Herb Garden Curator, NC Botanical Garden, UNC-Chapel Hill



Will has a lot to teach about native and non-native plants. He has studied with many old-time herbalists, and he considers himself a lifelong learner. He knows and uses the common names, regional names, and Latin names of plants. Will has worked with the U.S Army teaching survival food, and medicine, from plants.  Will knows the when, the where, and the why to collect plants for food, and medicine. He knows the growing seasons of the plants, the best time to harvest them, and all of the pieces of the plant to use. He never takes it all, leaving or planting more than he takes. He knows when to eat, dry, tincture, make tea, and a multitude of other ways make use of what nature provides.  As a healer, Will is not a one size fits all person. He educates himself about the client, taking into account the lifestyle, age, etc. He then decides which plant or plants to use and how. Will has worked with M.D's both as a teacher and as a colleague on cases that are not responding to their (allopathic) methods. Will Endres means a lot to me. He has made my life better,

- Thomas L. “Snuffy” Smith