Calamus Wildcrafting Intensive


Calamus Wildcrafting Intensive

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Calamus Wildcrafting Intensive

March 22nd - March 24th

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Weekend Retreat

Journey into swampy bogs amidst the fringes of North Carolina’s rolling Piedmont countryside. Our weekend-long Calamus Wildcrafting Intensive will guide you through the hard work, global history, and cultural traditions which surround Calamus (Acorus calamus). If you like to show up ready to learn, get muddy, swing a pick-axe, and have fun, then this weekend is a going to be a great fit for you. Calamus’ global heritage extends from the reign of Atilla The Hun, through Ayurvedic tradition, and into the medicinal practices of many of North America’s First Nation peoples. Over the course of the weekend we’ll bond through hard work, dine at North Carolina culinary institutions, and go in depth on the “How”, “When”, and “Why”, of harvesting and using Calamus to maintain and improve you and your families health.


The mighty Calamus is a storied herb which can be found in primitive and traditional medicines around the world. Useful for all types of positive energy and endurance, the unmistakable flavor of Calamus can be described many ways ranging from bitter to spicy to sweet. The spot we harvest wild Calamus from has been passed down through friends and family for over 150 years. Applications, use, and methodology for Calamus as medicine vary greatly from culture to culture and you can expect to learn about many of them over the course of this weekend. Briefly, you can expect to leave with in depth knowledge on the use of Calamus as it relates to: Quitting smoking and alcohol, depression and apathy, and minor digestive disorders.

Syllabus & Schedule:

  • Thursday - Out of towner arrival day…

  • Friday - After meeting at Will’s house in Hillsborough, we’ll leave promptly at 9:00 AM and carpool to our digging location in Hurdle Mills. We’ll introduce ourselves to the group and share our hopes and wants for the weekend; as well as have a discussion about the location’s unique history. After pausing to give thanks to the wild plant we’ll be harvesting, the hard work begins! Our goal for the day is to dig all the roots we’ll need for the weekend while stile keeping an eye towards long term sustainability of the fragile ecosystem of the dig site. Around midday we’ll pause our work and head to the Flat River Cafe in Hurdle Mills, a southern gem and true local institution. Once we finish digging for the day we’ll go about carefully restoring the dig site to as close to untouched as we can, ensuring its usefulness for future generations.

  • Saturday - Saturday morning we’ll once again convene at Will’s house by 9:00 AM. This time though, we’ll stick around town. You’ll take the roots you dug on Friday and take them through every step of the cleaning and drying process. Will uses traditional Appalachian techniques and equipment that you won’t find in any other herbalist’s production process, guaranteeing a unique experience. By the end of the day, all the roots will be clean, cut, drying on racks, and you’ll have a solid foundation of knowledge to begin using Calamus to care for you, your family, or your clients health. Lunch on Saturday will be a group affair at Weaver Street Market in Hillsborough, a local food Co-op.

  • Sunday - Start at house, switch from racks to Drying in bags, tinctures, cultural overview

  • Monday - Out of towner departure day…


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Friday, Saturday & Sunday


Reducing your environment impact by coordinating logistics such as rental cars and lodging is encouraged. If you would like to coordinate with other attendees, or stay up to date about changes to the schedule/itinerary, send us an email to with a link to your Facebook profile and we will add you into the private group.

Airports - Raleigh-Durham International (RDU) or Piedmont-Triad International (PTI)
Transportation - While there is a bus system locally, it is quite slow and can be difficult to navigate. Renting a car at the airport and driving to Hillsborough will be the best option for most people.
Lodging In Hillsborough - For interstate accessibility and affordability, we recommend the Holiday Inn Express or Microtel Inn & Suites. For a unique experience and walking access to all of Historic Hillsborough, we recommend the Inn at Teardrops, a local bed & breakfast.

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