Poison Ivy Prevention Potion


Poison Ivy Prevention Potion


This 12 oz container of concentrated Jewelweed will completely prevent rashes from Poison Ivy and Poison Oak when used as directed.* 

This information is not supported by any FDA claim.  It is based upon 40+ years of personal experience.  When used as directed, this remedy is 100% effective.*

External use only. Keep away from children.  Formula will stain light colored clothing.  Lasts up to 1 year refrigerated

Packaging may vary

See below/Additional info for directions and usage


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How To Use P.I Prevention Potion

BEST USE: Spray within three hours of exposure.  Rub thoroughly into every part of your body that was exposed directly or indirectly to Poison Ivy.  Let skin dry before putting clothes on.  You may bathe before applying but you must spray within 3 hours of exposure.

IF YOU’VE GOT IT ALREADY: Spray and rub on all affected and surrounding areas.  Repeat three times daily at a minimum.  Do not mix with other remedies.  This method helps you to heal faster and helps stop the spreading but the dermatitis must still run its course.  The prophylactic method above is far superior to this remedial treatment.