Dry Goods: 

  • Calamus Root- For external use only
  • Eastern Red Cedar Incense
  • Eastern Red Cedar Smudge Stick
  • Sassafras Root
  • Slippery Elm Root Bark
  • Slippery Elm Tree Bark
  • Smoke Mix- Coltsfoot, Mullein, Red Sumac

Medicinal Fluid Extracts:

  • Angelica Root - a warming lung and stomach tonic. Good for circulation. Not for diabetics or pregnant women.*
  • Blackberry Root - for diarrhea, dysentery.*
  • Black Cohosh Root - for menstrual cramps and nerves.*
  • Black Walnut Hull - iodine supplement. For goiter.*
  • Bloodroot Root – External use only. For athletics’ foot and fungus.*
  • Blue Cohosh Root - for menstrual cramps and nerves. Generally not to be used by pregnant women.*
  • Boneset - for flus and fevers.*
  • Bugleweed - for hyperthyroid.*
  • Burdock - a blood and kidney tonic, alkalizes and deep cleanser. Clears heat.*
  • Calamus Root - To be used with caution. For endurance and singing, hyperacidity, quitting tobacco.*
  • Catnip - for emotional congestion and insomnia. For colic and diarrhea; also good for babies and children.*
  • Eastern Red Cedar Berry - for the kidneys and stomach. To be used cautiously.*
  • Chapparral - great blood cleanser. Antibiotic, antioxidant, anti-tumor. Also good externally.*
  • Chickweed - for cooling and cleansing.*
  • Cleavers - for the kidneys and bladder; cooling.*
  • Coltsfoot - for the lungs, coughs, asthma, bronchitis.*
  • Dandelion Root - a blood and liver tonic, high in minerals. For hypoglycemia.*
  • Echinacea - great blood and lymph system cleanser. Antibiotic. Useful externally on bites, cuts.*
  • Feverfew - colds and fevers; cramps; sedative.*
  • Gentian - a bitter tonic; for digestion, headaches, constipation.*
  • Goldenseal Root - a healing wonder! Powerful antiseptic, antibiotic and specific tonic. Valuable externally and internally. To be used with care.*
  • Honeysuckle - good for infections and inflammations; detoxifier.*
  • Lobelia Inflata - Powerful but very useful muscle relaxant and antispasmodic. For lungs, earaches, external infections.
    Use with caution.*
  • Motherwort - a nervine, especially for women; good heart tonic.*
  • Mullein - for lung congestion and coughs. A good bronchial dilator.*
  • Nettle - allergies, nutritional tonic, great iron supplement especially for heavy menstrual bleeding.*
  • Passionflower - sedative and antispasmodic.*
  • Pennyroyal - a warming stimulant. For circulation and lungs. Not for pregnant women.*
  • Pipsissewa - a good digestive bitters. For arthritis, urinary tract infections.*
  • Pleurisy Root - for serious lung inflammations.*
  • Poke Root - Use with great care. A valuable but potentially lethal lymph and blood cleanser.*
  • Gravel Root (Queen of the Meadow , Joe-Pye-weed Root) - for the kidney and bladder, urinary tract and
    prostate. Good for arthritis.*
  • St. Johnswort - for pain and depression; sedative and anti-inflammatory.*
  • Skullcap - great nerve tonic and sedative. Good for alcohol, drug, and caffeine withdrawal.*
  • Spikenard Root - neglected but valuable member of the ginseng family; good for stomach problems.*
  • Squawvine - uterine tonic; also for bladder infections, parallels with pippsissewa.*
  • Stoneroot Root - for hemorrhoids and bladder stones; also for cystitis.*
  • Sweet Everlasting - good for lungs and nerves.*
  • Wild Ginger Root- (Asarum canadense) warming stimulant; good for congestion. Not for pregnant women.*
  • Wild Ginseng Root - powerful energizer and harmonizer.*
  • Wild Quinine Root - for kidney and bladder; probably immune system stimulant.*
  • Wild Sarsaparilla Root - good blood tonic.*
  • Wild Yam Root - for women’s hormonal and glandular balance. A useful antispasmodic; also for arthritis.*
  • Wood Betony - for the nerves and headaches. Improves liver function.*
  • Yarrow - for sweating out colds and flu. Good as an antiseptic and for stopping bleeding. Good externally and internally.*
  • Yellow Dock Root - for the blood and skin. Nutritive and digestive tonic.*
  • Yellow Root - bitter tonic; for ulcers, sore throat. Anti-inflammatory.*

Additional Herbs:


Red Clover Blossom
Wild Cherry Bark
Wild Lettuce
Timeric Root
(Curcuma longa)
Jamaican Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale)

Comfrey Root
Elder Berry
Elder Flower
Elecampane Root

Hawthorn Berry