Hands On

Will is a nationally renowned herbalist who has been in business for over 4 decades.  He has spent his lifetime mentoring apprentices and the community and inspiring people to discover the outdoors.

What makes Wills Wild Herbs unique is Will's personal experience with ethical Wildcrafting practices, and his use of traditional Appalachian and Cherokee knowledge and techniques.

With the occasional help of a small and trusted group of family and experienced apprentices, Will runs Wills Wild Herbs on his own.

Will and his Apprentices can create a variety of experiences based on your unique show.  We have a full range of medicinal, locally and ethically wildcrafted plants, herbs, and teas.  Will leads plant ID workshops and teaches year round both independently and through local colleges and businesses.  Additionally, the majority of our products can be freshly made in the booth, demonstrating a range of traditional techniques, tools, and materials.