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Wild Trailside Nibbles & Herbal First Aid

Location: Raleigh REI


In this hands-on class, you will discover a variety of locally available, tasty and helpful plants. In addition to learning how to approach, identify and use local plants and herbs, you will learn sustainable wildcrafting methods, and the lore and history of plants in the area, starting from the pre-colonial era.

This class will not be your ordinary lecture. There will be loads of fresh and dried specimens to celebrate. Join master herbalist and wildcrafter, Will Endres, to explore the useful plants and herbs commonly found along the Appalachian Trail, and other commonly traveled parks and forests of the Piedmont and Appalachian Mountains. Topics of interest may include: swollen feet, blisters, wounds, aches and pains, digestive issues, colds and allergies, and the prevention and treatment of poison ivy, and snake, tick and flea bites. You will also learn how to flavor and supplement common trail foods, harvest trailside snacks, and defend your campsite against biting insects. Will is an herbalist, wildcrafter, and outdoor guide, and West Virginia transplant with more than 41 years experience. He has had many herbal elders, and has been deeply influenced by Appalachian and Cherokee traditions.