Chaos To Recovery : A Healers Work

Healing comes in many forms, and few know this as deeply as those who have given their lives to assisting others on their journey to wellness.  Sometimes healing floods our hearts like a soothing balm or warm hug from a loved one.  Other times it washes over our aching bones and refreshes our spirits like a long, cool drink of water.  But there is yet another kind of healing that we don’t often talk about in our “Insta-Perfect” society.  It is the kind reserved for those brave enough to walk the path of the healer.  It is neither gentle nor pretty.  It does not lend to “selfies” and snapshots to advertise success.  This healing is done in the midnight hours of the soul and comes at the expense of the old self.  It burst open one’s senses and sets their very way of being ablaze.  And just as they sit consumed by its flames and suffocated in the smoke of an impossible situation their spirit finds strength and council it never knew.  Rich and complete, the healing journey of the healer is exactly what sets them aside and gives them the wisdom to be present with others experiencing their own dark hour.  This is something our elders once knew, but we have forgotten.  All of this begs us to ask who we will invite along with us on our own path to heal. 

The past six months has proven to be a season of healing for our resident herbal expert Will Endres.  Many of you have already heard that he was involved in a terrible truck accident during Hurricane Florence in North Carolina’s Nantahala National Forest, totally abandoned by his beloved partner, and have inquired about how he is doing.  A few kind souls have been close enough to know that Will has come through a long and grueling process of returning order to a hectic time of healing.  While Will is going about business as usual, he has gleaned many pearls of wisdom from his journey to recovery and would like to share his story.  In the coming posts we will attempt to give you a glimpse into the story of how Will was able to transform what could have been tragedy into a story of inner perseverance and self-mastery.