Originally posted on June 21st 2015

In late April, as the sap flow reached it's peak, we traveled to my good friend Snuffy's wild yard in Pittsboro with the CCCCollege Class, and harvested it's bark.  In the coming weeks, we will go again, and gather the sweet, feathery, and fragant flowers as they reach their peak of bloom.  While they produce very different tastes, the flowers being much milder and sweeter, the extracts of both flowers, and bark have the same effect.  It is known to be effective against both mild, and severe depression.*  One of it's best qualities is the ability to use it alongside traditional, allopathic antidepressants, which helps some people considerably when transitioning to more natural alternatives.   Opportunely, all types of Mimosa extract function wonderfully, even if you are not suffering from depression.*  If you are just having a normal day, and want to brighten it up, Mimosa will certainly do the trick.  Please be sure you do not attempt to use Mimosa alone for Bi-polar, Manic Depression, or Schizophrenia.*  If you are dealing with any of these disorders, make sure you contact me via phone, or on the website, willswildherbs.org, in order to schedule a Private Medicinal Consultation.*
$13/ fl oz Mimosa Fluid Extract