Chaos to Recovery: Part II

                   Living seasonally is something herbalists do as naturally as the shifting tides, but after injury and loss it can be a challenge to plug back into life as usual. This year Will was able to throw off the chill of winter along with the weight of last year’s burdens to return to his normal routine.  Just as the sun’s warmth called to the wild flowers to bloom again, the herbs called Will to return to his work.  This Spring Will has been in full swing and finding his footing after the tragedies he overcame. The Saturday Carrboro Farmers Market and the Downtown Durham Farmers Market seasons have resumed, and patrons can find all their favorite herbals on display at Will’s Wild Herbs booth.  Class rosters are filling up fast with herbal enthusiasts eager to learn about botanical medicine on Will’s plant walks and classes.  Will’s travel calendar has also been busy with herbal events planned across the country.  (Be sure to visit the events page, Facebook, and Instagram for upcoming dates and pictures). There are new faces on the mountain too, as Will has integrated an amazing new assistant, and continues to welcome students and apprentices.  Things are abuzz and Will attributes regaining his balance in part, to returning to the natural cycles of life that have brought peace to an otherwise chaotic chapter in his life.

As mentioned in the previous post, Will incurred trauma on all levels but was able to dig deep and find the strength to heal.The process required a multilevel approach, in which he sought out the support of other practitioners from various modalities.Massages, acupuncture, and craniosacral therapy is helping address his emotional and physical trauma.There were also multiple allopathic physicians along the way.Naturally, herbal formulas have also been involved in his recovery.Most of the herbals he’s taking are those he wildcrafted and processed himself, but a few he has sourced from Herb Pharm.The herbals that Will has relied on most recently are Ginkgo Biloba, Milk Thistle, Saw Palmetto, Chickweed, Burdock, Gotu Kola, Bacopa, Asian Ginseng, Wild North Carolina Ginseng, and Slippery Elm Root. Formulas he has used include the Soft Tissue Compound and Male Vitality Compound. Will also was able to cut his nicotine intake in half.Will’s accident has given him the time and space to pause and renew commitment to his own self-care, which is often difficult for those in the healing arts to do. We are all excited to see the next evolution of Will’s Wild Herbs and hope you will join us in this summer’s events.

Will Endres and long time friend Armand Boyer

Will Endres and long time friend Armand Boyer

Will Endres and Brooke Crowley, his apprentice and assistant, at Southwest School of  Botanical Medicine in Tempe, AZ

Will Endres and Brooke Crowley, his apprentice and assistant, at Southwest School of Botanical Medicine in Tempe, AZ

Sweet Everlasting

Sweet Everlasting

Chaos To Recovery : A Healers Work

Healing comes in many forms, and few know this as deeply as those who have given their lives to assisting others on their journey to wellness.  Sometimes healing floods our hearts like a soothing balm or warm hug from a loved one.  Other times it washes over our aching bones and refreshes our spirits like a long, cool drink of water.  But there is yet another kind of healing that we don’t often talk about in our “Insta-Perfect” society.  It is the kind reserved for those brave enough to walk the path of the healer.  It is neither gentle nor pretty.  It does not lend to “selfies” and snapshots to advertise success.  This healing is done in the midnight hours of the soul and comes at the expense of the old self.  It burst open one’s senses and sets their very way of being ablaze.  And just as they sit consumed by its flames and suffocated in the smoke of an impossible situation their spirit finds strength and council it never knew.  Rich and complete, the healing journey of the healer is exactly what sets them aside and gives them the wisdom to be present with others experiencing their own dark hour.  This is something our elders once knew, but we have forgotten.  All of this begs us to ask who we will invite along with us on our own path to heal. 

The past six months has proven to be a season of healing for our resident herbal expert Will Endres.  Many of you have already heard that he was involved in a terrible truck accident during Hurricane Florence in North Carolina’s Nantahala National Forest, totally abandoned by his beloved partner, and have inquired about how he is doing.  A few kind souls have been close enough to know that Will has come through a long and grueling process of returning order to a hectic time of healing.  While Will is going about business as usual, he has gleaned many pearls of wisdom from his journey to recovery and would like to share his story.  In the coming posts we will attempt to give you a glimpse into the story of how Will was able to transform what could have been tragedy into a story of inner perseverance and self-mastery.

Age Old Wisdom for a New You

With the holiday’s behind us and life returning to its normal rhythm, many people are dismayed to find themselves falling back into their old unhealthy habits.  Even though nearly 40 percent of Americans made a New Year’s resolution to be healthier, fewer than eight percent will stick it out past February.  If you are one of those struggling to stay with a health plan or maybe you are frustrated with a lack of results, perhaps it’s time for a new approach. American’s have become captivated by quick fix solutions that rarely deliver results, but there is another way to change your health.  Instead of buying into the latest diet or detox fad, resolve to invest in learning skills and principles that you can use for a lifetime.  Find a mentor that will walk through the ups and downs and support you and your family.  This is the way health used to be taught when the word doctor still meant “to teach.”  Such is the tradition that Will’s wealth of knowledge was cultivated through.  The time-honored tradition of learning one-on-one, and through direct experience.  He is so passionate about gifting the community with the opportunity to learn these priceless teachings that he has created a series of classes and an apprenticeship program. Step away from the notion of a virtual “get healthy overnight” program and into a wellness journey you will never forget.  There are no shortcuts to health and learning, but there is something out there much more satisfying to be experienced.  Each class is packed with herbal information.  Will is covering a variety of topics including the Eno River through the Wild Herb Walk and the brand new Family Foraging classes for kids and parents. Classes are listed below. Be sure to reserve your spot as we’re filling up fast. 

Eno Riverwalk Plant Walks 2/3, 3/3, 3/31, 4/28

Spring Greens and Tonic Class Series 3/13-5/15 no class 3/27, 4/3

Calamus Intensive 3/25-3/29

Slippery Elm Intensive 4/1-4/5

Family Foraging 2/16, 3/16, 4/13

All class dates subject to change

Beyond Elderberry: Herbal Allies for Cold and Flu Season

Winter is in full swing as we experience the years longest, dampest, darkest nights.  These shifts in the natural cycle of seasons make us increasingly susceptible to contracting common colds and the flu.  Thankfully nature ha provided us with a number of options to help ease our symptoms and hasten recovery. Each has its own unique healing virtues.  For the best results, be sure to research which would be most suited to your constitution.

For those wanting additional support, Will offers in depth and confidential herbal consultations. Getting guidance in choosing a wellness program for you and your family is truly priceless and will give clarity on which herbs to use and how to effectively apply them. 

In this article we wanted to give you some ideas for herbs commonly utilized at this time of year. Consider trying each of these herbs on their own to get a feel for their properties and how they affect you.  You can then experiment with blending them for a full spectrum of healing benefits.

Echinacea Flowering Tops & Roots-  Not long ago, Echinacea was once the most popular remedy for colds, flu, and respiratory ailments.  Although Elderberry is now enjoying the herbal spotlight, Echinacea’s success still prevails.  Using Echinacea as a first line of defense comes from time-honored traditions and is worth investigating.  Many studies have shown it contains immune modulating activity and may be effective at cleansing lymph tissue and the blood. Also known as Purple Coneflower, Echinacea is easy to identify and safe to use in most populations making it a good option for those just beginning their herbal exploration. While we no longer produce Echinacea due to it’s local scarcity, we recommend Herb Pharm’s fluid medicinal extract as their products are one of the highest quality, sustainably sourced ways to buy herbs today.

Yarrow Flowers- Yarrow or the “battle field herb” does more than help arrest bleeding and assist with wounds.  This cooling, diaphoretic herb can be added to open the pores and encourage sweating as a means of easing fever.  It is often blended with other cooling herbs such as Catnip and Mint. 

Jamaican Ginger Root-  Ginger’s healing potential is often overlooked as it has been dismissed for its culinary uses.  Ginger is a mainstay in Traditional Chinese Medicine and can assist with many of the most nagging symptoms associated with seasonal discomfort.   Ginger’s warm, spicy nature makes it stimulating as well as a potent mucus buster. Ginger is often featured in formulas to ease stomach issues and increase the synergy of the other herbs.

Boneset- Boneset has not enjoyed the publicity that Elderberry has but not so long ago it was the remedy of choice for colds and flus.  Native American tribes used Boneset extensively for feverish conditions accompanied by aching bone pain that notoriously accompany flu-like illness.  The American settlers quickly picked up on it as an invaluable remedy.  Boneset likes to grow in damp areas and provides relief to wet, hot conditions such as fever and stagnation. 

Help Wanted!

Wanted! - Office Assistant

We're growing!  If this is your first time here on my website, then welcome! My name is Will Endres, and I have been a herbalist and wildcrafter for the last 42 years.  With the help of my family and Apprentices, I handcraft a variety of sustainable wild herbal products and lead classes and workshops throughout the Piedmont, North Carolina, and The South.  The business is run out of my (dog-friendly) home in the historic district of Hillsborough, NC.  My ideal office assistant is someone who is willing to help me with both work, and personal tasks.  You should be able to work as part of a team or independently, be a good typist, enjoy variety, and have useful creative input and problem-solving skills.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Communicate with customers independently, and with me at your side.  This can include anything from emails to phone calls to making the rounds to posting flyers for classes

  • Create and renew product ads and postings on social media and craigslist

  • Basic marketing and ecommerce responsibilities including Shipping orders and Copy + Print + Order promotional materials and fliers

The Perks:

  • Part time hours (5+ hours on Thursday)

  • Pay starts at $13/hr with opportunities to increase to $15/hr in just a few months

  • Learning opportunities including unlimited access to select classes and workshops

    • Gain exposure to the traditional Appalachian and Native American approach to plants and medicine

    • Work-trade for additional teaching time available

  • Discounts on my full range of medicinal fluid extracts, incenses, potpourri, tea, and other products

  • High energy work environment

Your Qualifications:

  • Be tech-savvy (and patient). I am a baby-boomer. Computers are not my strong suit, but I have to use them for my business

  • Excellent communicator

  • Reliable

  • Detail oriented

  • Familiarity with or interest in the herb business is preferable

  • Familiarity with Squarespace a big plus!

  • Reliable personal transportation a must

  • Sales or customer service experience preferable

How to apply:
Send an email with your background, complete contact info, and why you would be perfect for this job to